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If there is one flaw I have when it comes to maintaining the best physical fitness I can, it’s weight control. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been fat. Never been overweight. However, especially when dealing with injuries, I have been known to overeat. Especially since I’m going to school and live in the dorm, food is everywhere. That Talent Show later has free pizza. A roommate made cookies. I’m in my friend’s room and there’s a bag of Doritos staring at me, enticing me to eat it whether I’m hungry or not, plus unspoken (sometimes spoken!) peer pressure. Nonathletes are no help either. “Cher, you’re not fat. Cher, you can eat whatever you want. Cher, moderation is key (even though I’m horrible at it- it’s easier for me to totally avoid something like fried food then to have “just a little bit” because once I start I can’t put on the brakes. I need to try some of these, especially to control things like eating when bored- I do that a lot- or eating when feeling shy- I do that at parties and events. I also eat when stressed. I have a lot of trouble focusing on my assignments, and so my anxiety and stress leads to me polishing off an entire bag of grapes from Target- or worse, a giant bag of chips and Skittles. Plus, sugar makes me hyper… so then I focus less on my work. Snowball effect. Good times. Add in the guilt over eating that junk, and it’s a very vicious cycle. Anyway. I already hydrate and try to sleep enough (though being up til 5am doing a paper isn’t good.) Thinking before snacking though… I definitely don’t do that. Lots of mindless eating here. Ditto for thinking about emotions… or about something else. I’m hell-bent on getting comfort food, and the next thing i know, it’s gone- in my stomach- before I can stop myself. This list is useful though. I just have to put it to practice. Example… you only need to eat every 3-4 hours. I just had a flatbread melt with Swiss cheese, tofu, peppers and carrots. Note to self: self, no touching the pizza when you go to the talent show GLASA (QC’s Gay, Lesbian and Straight Alliance) is having after class, you won’t be hungry yet girl!! You’re not hungry, so stop eating that pizza just because it’s there and you’re freaking out because your best friends aren’t there and you don’t know anyone else that well! Time to get to my peak performance weight. Racewalk season starts very soon. Go Cher go!

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How to Control Appetite

Avila Qualifies for NCAA Championships with Fifth-Place Showing at Regionals – Queens (N.Y.) College