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A new Riverhead walker


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I have those pants the girl in front is wearing! And actually, I wore them for my 8 miles yesterday! =O

So. From here starts my training hardcore in an effort to make the Millrose Games at the Armory in February. Goal time? A sub-8 mile. I cannot make any mistakes. Not in my diet, not in my training, not in what I do when hanging out with my friends. None. There’s only three races to make it. My definite goal is Penn, my reaching for the stars goal the Millrose mile in the racewalk.

Even on Christmas, I need to stay away from junk. Any food that is not specifically fuel for my training does not belong. I need to build muscle and lose fat. I need to find willpower and concentration. The attached video is one of my favorite songs for motivation in athletics.

Today’s five miles. No hardcore strength/core/flexibility workout but definitely doing something anyhow.

Breakfast: clementine. I’m never hungry for breakfast but know I should have SOMETHING to kick off my metabolism.

Lunch: A veggie burger with Swiss cheese, lettuce, jalapenos, and onions. I had a fruit salad of pineapples, honeydew and purple grapes on the side, and threw in some carrots and mushrooms. The dining hall cook kept asking if I wanted tomatoes, I kept saying no- I’m definitely not fond of tomatoes. In fact, I detest those things.

Dinner: That’s coming soon… I’m going to go to Whole Foods. I’m supposed to hang out at a museum in Manhattan with a friend, but then it’s the 5 miles after that and before bed, perhaps roleplaying on my Harry Potter board before then. That’s one thing you should know about me that has nothing to do with racewalk- I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Robin Hood is my favorite hero. I play Dungeons and Dragons, and also take part in activism of various sorts, trying to do my part for social justice. I suppose if one were trying to label me, they might say I’m a geek, activist and athlete rolled together.

“This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to REMEMBER THE NAME.”

Something to do if I ever have $$