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Queens College Environmental Club:

The mission of this club is to participate in activities geared towards ameliorating the environment in which we dwell. In the past, we’ve held events such as the Cool Roofs Project, the Green Fair, a Sephora event with cruelty-free makeup, and several showings of movies about environmental issues like hydrofracking and the detriments of the processing of food. This club meets Wednesdays free hour (12:15-1:30) in the Student Union of Queens College

Q.C.L.I.S.S.A. (Queens College Library and Information Studies Student Association):

This is an organization intended for the grad students comprising the Library and Information Studies program at Queens College. Cher is vice presidentof L.I.S.S.A, and has been since Spring 2012.

Queens College C.K.I. (Circle K International):

This is college branch of the K-family for Queens College students. The K Family includes Kiwanis for full fledged adults (generally comprised of middle age onward), Kiwanis Young Professionals geared toward the under-35 crowd, Circle K for college students (and the occasional younger graduate student) Key Club for high schoolers, and K-Kids for the youngest K-family members

The most active of Cher’s clubs on the Queens College campus, she has been a member since Fall 2011, and in March of 2012, she was elected as secretary for the 2012-2013 K-family year, which commenced on the first of April in 2012. Her duties include recording minutes at the weekly meetings, keeping track of members’ service hours and filling out and emailing the Monthly Progress Report to the Lieutentant Governor of the Division, the District Secretary, and several other distinguished individuals. The Monthly Progress Report details how close the organization has come to realizing its annual goals.


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