I went to Walk USA’s racewalking clinic for the first time Monday, and it was very encouraging. I was told the usual thing- that I lift, that I lift my feet or knees because I push off too soon.

Now, that’s not good. . Click here to read about lifting.


I was disqualified from nationals for lifting. That sucked. I was not happy, that’s for sure. All kinds of naughty words came to mind.

I definitely need someone to be on my case while I’m practicing, to be like “CHER! Stop that!” if there’s air under both feet instead of pavement/track.

After some individual instruction, I was then sent to join the other walkers… and I ended up joining the fast group- and maintaining contact- without even realizing it. I’d thought I was with the slow group. AND i kept up with this one girl, who has in the past been sub-seven for the 1500….she had time off like me, and she’s not in full shape, but still.

She’ll be a great training partner.

There’s definitely a difference.

I feel encouraged.

Between Michael Roth and this, if I can go every Monday, I think I can eventually beat my high school times. I just need more self-discipline.

I’m also thinking of looking for internships either in NYC by my school or in Raleigh-Durham area where my club team’s base is located. If I find something to do in the summer, it’ll be much MUCH easier to get to meets than if i were in Riverhead, a town in the middle of nowhere on Long Island.


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