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Something to do if I ever have $$


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Too right this is.


not into running? try this.


fact: race walking is an olympic sport

fact: olympic race distances are 20k (12.5 miles) and 50k (31.25 miles) [source]

fact: top athletes can walk a mile in 7-8 minutes [source]

fact: judging by the looks of serious competitors, it must be a good workout

fact: race walkers look somewhat ridiculous

fact: if it weren’t for fear of embarrassment, I might think about trying it

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This song is meant to poke fun, but hey, I love it anyhow. I’m rather fond of self-mockery. “Racewalker, racewalker, racing for his dreams, walking for his life, yeah, racewalker, racewalker, sweat sweat sweat, sweat sweat sweat sweat”

My new tattoo. 

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I’m highly fond of green tea and drink several cups a day… shame that alone doesn’t make me ultraskinny and ultra-ready to be fast.  

Queens (N.Y.) College

Avila Named ECC Women’s Cross Country Runner of the Year; Wins Conference Championship – Queens (N.Y.) College